Natural Basic Skin Care Cosmetics Formulated
with Tomatoes Grown in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto



Moisturizing Power of Tomatoes Brings Back Your Original Beauty of Skin.

As one of local companies of Kumamoto, we were thinking that we might be able to make products which could impress Kumamoto on people's mind. Then, what caught our attention was TOMATO. Kumamoto is the largest producer of tomatoes in Japan. Especially, "Hachibee Tomato" from Yatsushiro accounts for the most part of winter tomatoes. It's safe and secure, and has been cultivated with reduced amount of agricultural chemicals.
We produced "Tomatelyco" series using extract from "Hachibee Tomato" which includes moisturizing ingredient so that people who are suffering from dry skin can use trustfully. They are basic skin care products that keep your skin moisturized for hours after cleansing.

~Try "Tomatelyco" series to bring back your original beauty of skin.~

"Tomatelyco" is named from mixture of "tomato" and "tomato lycopene". It also means "plenty of tomatoes" in Spanish. We named it to make people feel Kumamoto, the largest producer of tomatoes in Japan familiar.



Four Basic Skin Care Products, 4-Step Use is Recommended.

"Tomatelyco" series has 4 products below;

Tomatelyco Moist Milk Cleansing

 (Makeup Remover)

200ml \3,300
(Tax included)

Milky makeup remover hardly damages your skin. Dissolves your makeup well with both, wet hands and dry hands.


Tomatelyco Moist
Creamy Soap

 (Facial Cleanser)

100g \2,750
(Tax included)

Fine and thick whipped washing cream last long. It removes old keratin and dirt well, and keeps your skin moisturized.



Tomatelyco Moist
Essence Lotion

 (Treatment Lotion)

200ml \3,300
(Tax included)

Thick lotion works as both moisturizer and serum. It gives your skin moisture and lead to fine skin. To use it with Gel is recommended.


Tomatelyco Moist
All In One Gel

 (Gel Moisturizer)

100g \4,400
(Tax included)

6 effects; lotion, emulsion, cream, serum, facial pack and makeup base are all in one. It penetrates your skin to stratum corneum, keeps moisture of your skin for long without stikiness.